Tenant Helpful Hints and Tips

Our aim is to provide you with a home that is clean, well maintained and secure. We therefore expect that you do your bit to ensure that the property remains in this condition. Regular cleaning and garden maintenance is the best way to keep the property up to scratch and is a lot easier, in the long run, than letting things get out of control. If you are unable to do this yourself, call Mayfair Property Management and find out how we can organise regular house cleaning and/or garden maintenance for you.
It is critical for your own piece of mind that you protect your valuable belongings. The landlord’s insurance does not cover your personal effects and furniture so it is strongly recommended that you take out Contents Insurance. If you have any questions or would like assistance with this contact Mayfair Property Management.
If you experience any problems with your property, we encourage you to contact us immediately. Small issues left unattended to can turn into much bigger problems resulting in major inconvenience to you. You can report any issues using the on-line maintenance request form or give our office a call.
We believe that in any relationship effective communication is critical. We want you to feel free to contact us to discuss any issues you may have be it regarding your application or tenancy. We guarantee that we will respond promptly.
To ensure that you have the best chance of securing your new property, be sure to supply all necessary information as detailed on the application form. We will need contact information for your referees and employer as well as previous landlords or agents. Our aim is to process your application as a matter of urgency to get you into your new home as soon as possible. Making certain that we have all the information we need, will help us achieve this.
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